Mission Statement:
The Mission Statement of the Series is to:

      • Promote sportfishing tourism as an important and sustainable industry throughout the Central American Pacific Coast region where the events take place;

      • Promote the conservation, research and sound management practices for all species of billfish including blue, black and striped marlin and sailfish as well as pelagic gamefish to both enhance and protect the future of the sportfishing tourism industry;

      • Increase and enhance the level of communication and cooperation among the tournament directors and host resorts in the region.

The Concept of the series is a season-long point race by Team/Boat, based on their billfish releases in participating Series tournaments, which will determine an overall Series Champion Team. This team will have their name engraved upon a Perpetual Trophy which will reside at their home marina until the following season.



The Rules*:
Individual Tournament Rules: Participants must follow the rules set forth by the participating Tournaments of the Series; the following supplement those rules only and pertain to BTSCA participants only. There is no additional charge for teams to participate in the Billfish Tournament Series of Central America.


Points: The Series will award points by Team based upon their registered releases in each participating Series tournament, using the tournament-supplied Catch Log for verification. Marlin (any species) shall be scored at 300 points per release; Sailfish at 100 points per release. Teams will also earn 50 points for Participation in a tournament regardless of catch.

Teams: At least one angler on the Team must remain consistent throughout the Series and will be designated as the Team Captain. This person must be an Angler, not a Captain or Mate. Participating tournament rules must be followed in terms of who may participate, number of anglers per team, etc. The team name should remain consistent throughout the year, especially for those teams who charter different boats for each tournament.

Awards: At the final event of the season, the Team with the highest point total among the Series events will be declared the Top Team for the Billfish Tournament Series of Central America season and will be presented with a Perpetual Trophy. This Team may retain the Perpetual for the following year, whereupon they will present it to the next winner in turn. In the event of a tie in points, the team reaching their point total first will be declared the winner.

*Subject to Revision.




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