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FEB. 1 - MAR. 31, 2022



Presidential Challenge Announces Women's World Virtual Fishing Challenge

New worldwide tournament encourages lady anglers

 The organizers of the Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation have announced the formation of a new event: the Presidential Women’s World Virtual Fishing Challenge. This virtual format event is slated for Feb. 1 – March 31, 2022. It is open to women anglers around the world, with no age limit. Scoring will take place using the CaptApp application, which verifies catches using video and geo-location, among many other features—cellular reception is not required for the app to operate.

Eligible species will include all billfish species (100 percent release for blue, black, white and striped marlin as well as sailfish and spearfish) as well as mahimahi and tuna, which may be weighed or measured. Blue and black marlin are scored at 500 points each; white and striped marlin are 300 points; sailfish and spearfish are worth 100 points. Tuna and mahi are one point per pound.

Anglers will have the opportunity to fish from 8am until 4pm for five days during the two-month period, not necessarily consecutively. To encourage females of all skill levels to participate to, the rules will include a “hook and hand” provision. Teams simply notify the tournament within 36 hours of the days they plan to fish. There will be prizes for each of the top three teams with trophies and merchandise included.

“Based on the success of our Flamingo Fishing Rodeo last year, which was virtual and powered by CaptApp, we decided to continue to promote women anglers through this event,” says coordinator Joan Vernon. “Each team will fish for a set number of hours in their home waters anywhere in the world, and record their catches using CaptApp for this tournament. We expect a great turnout and a very fun time for everyone involved.” Proceeds from the event will benefit several worthy charitable and conservation-based organizations.