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Presidential Challenge Celebrates 25 Years of Conservation

With two and a half decades under its collective belt, the Presidential Challenge Conservation Series, in association with the Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation, has achieved an incredible number of milestones in sport fishing.

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The Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation, Inc. has presented to the National Sport Fishing Commission members the issue requesting the Board of Directors of Incopesca to include the roosterfish (rooster) into the catch and release category.
The following proposal presented on behalf of Presidential Challenge to be approved by the Board of Directors is a fundamental step in the conservation of this magnificent species for its sustainable use, which is fundamental and will help enormously to attract more tourists to fish in Costa Rica. TO READ MORE PLEASE CLICK ON 'CONSERVATION NEWS'


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The Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation, Inc. proudly supports the Consevation and Educations worldwide..


The premier sportfishing circuit of the Americas, the Presidential Challenge series is dedicated to the conservation and protection of billfish and inshore gamefish.

All events produced by this company have two goals in mind: promoting sportfishing related tourism and to raise money for charitable organizations who specialize in protecting gamefish. These groups include The Billfish Foundation, Adopt-A-Billfish and the International Game Fish Association.

The Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation, Inc. is permanently dedicated and organized exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes including but not limited to the following:


  • To investigate, research and expand upon the present state of knowledge of the marine environment, in particular the billfish, which do or may populate same, as it affects the fishery in the United States and elsewhere, and to disseminate the information thus obtained.
  • To develop and implement programs for the conservation and improvement of the fishery.
  • To act as a coordinating entity with other groups, both governmental and non-governmental, in the promotion and achievement of the above purposes.
  • To make distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as presently constituted or the corresponding provisions of any future United States internal Revenue Code.